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Carpet Cleaning Trailer Package

Looking for a carpet cleaning Package that will clean your room in 20 minutes? Don't search more than the complete carpet cleaning Trailer Package that comes with our equipment machine cleaner, this Package can clean any type of carpet, making it a quick and effortless surrogate to clean your room.

Carpet Cleaning Trailer Package Ebay

This Package includes: 1, new carpet cleaning Trailer 2. 20 hp equipment machine cleaner 3, carpet & carpet cleaning services 5. Stand plus tables 6, all necessities for carpet cleaning 7. Solutions for carpets that are feeling the effects of years of use and use time 8, we can help with everything from deep cleaning to general pet cleaning 9. Honest and trustworthy professional cleaning services 10, reasonable prices carpet cleaning trailers have become very popular in years because of the ease of use and the impressive power of the equipment. With this package, you can trust that you're getting a quality service, this Package includes: -a complete carpet cleaning Trailer -20 hp equipment machine cleaner -a carpenter's saw -a spot-filler tool -a lighted flashlight -a vacuum -a furniture lee sizes: 10, 12, 14, 16" this Package will help you clean your carpets in a short amount of time! This Package gets you a new carpet cleaning Trailer with 20 hp equipment machine and an 20-ounce carpet. This is a peerless Package for lovers who are searching for a large carpet cleaning job, the carpeting in your home may be covered with a layer or two of film, representing the long-term care of the carpet. If you're scouring for the best alternative to clean your carpet, this Package includes the carpet cleaning Trailer with the equipment to help you get the job done quickly and efficiently, this Package consists of: -a carpet cleaning Trailer -a 20 hp equipment machine cleaner -a 20 mph machine -a 21000 automatic transmission (auto).